An Account of Occurrences Through the 1995 Bomb Drama Involving Timothy McVeigh

An Account of Happenings Through the 1995 Bomb Drama Involving Timothy McVeigh

13 Running Head: Timothy McVeigh


April 19th, 1995 is a evening the world remembers, your day Timothy McVeigh drove a van filled up with homemade explosives following to the Alfred P. Murrah building. Occasions after he fled the region the explosives detonated which killed 168 males, women and children. As well as the many tragic deaths the detonation destroyed different cars and building and damaged a lot more. On his way to avoid it of the region McVeigh got stopped and arrested for travelling with out a license plate. This strike was directed towards the federal government because of their siege at a religious substance in Waco Texas a couple of years earlier.



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