An Argument Against the More than Charging of Foreign Site visitors Than Local Site visitors for Cultural and Historical Attractions

An Argument Against the Above Charging of Foreign Site visitors Than Local Guests for Cultural and Historical Attractions

Foreign visitors should pay a lot more than local site visitors for cultural and historical attractions. From what extent do you agree with the fact or disagree with this opinion?

It may also be argued that vacationers from overseas ought to be charged a lot more than local residents to go to essential sites and monuments. I completely disagree with this notion.

The argument towards higher charges for foreign tourists will be that cultural or traditional attractions often rely upon state subsidies to retain them going, which ensures that the resident population already pays funds to these sites through the taxes system. However, I really believe this to become a very shortsighted view. Foreign tourists donate to the overall economy of the host nation with the money they spend on a variety of goods and providers, including food, souvenirs, accommodation and travel and leisure. The governments and inhabitants of every country ought to be pleased to subsidise important tourist sites and motivate persons from all of those other world to go to them.

If travellers realised that they might need to pay more to go to historical and cultural sights in a specific nation, they would perhaps decide never to head to that country on christmas. To take the UK for example, the tourism industry and several related jobs rely on visitors coming to


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