An Examination of the Parable of Lazarus from the Bible

An Evaluation of the Parable of Lazarus from the Bible

Parables Of The Bible


Lazarus, come forth!

When God wrote the Bible He wrote to us from His viewpoint. However, whenever we read things, we've a tendency to check out what we go through rose shaded glasses. If we remove those glasses and appearance at things through God's eyes rather, we might see things we really do not like about ourselves.

We are corpses, that's what God Himself give us a call in Eph 2:5, 5:14, and Col 2:13. These are a number of the various verses that address our spiritual estate before salvation. God needs we go through the complete Bible in this light and when we do, Then shows us more.

Lazarus in Jn 11:1-44 is usually God's spiritual description, a parable, of me and you before salvation and God's salvation comes. He was dead, he stunk, how much even more descriptive does God need to produce it, he was a rotting corpse!

He cannot see, he cannot hear, he cannot walk, nor believe nor speak, nor maneuver on his own, however Jesus telephone calls him by brand and he easily comes forth as he was commanded to accomplish.

God then describes a tiny bit more about Lazarus' loss of life. He was bound with grave clothing. In the literal profile of the raising of Lazarus, that is what he was buried in. But it's the


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