An Examination of the Personas in the Tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare

An Examination of the Character types in the Tragedy Othello by William Shakespeare

The tragedy Othello compiled by William Shakespeare shows various kinds

Contrast. In this tragedy, each main personality is usually contrasted with another personality

who may be the complete opposite of these. Three specific contrasts proven in

Othello are Iago and Cassio, Iago and Desdemona, and IagoВ’s inner and external

appearances. All three of the contrasts are correctly derived to be full


The first contrast can be Iago and Cassio. Iago, because the start of the play,

was very angry at Othello for appointing В“A wonderful arithmetician, one Michael

Cassio, a FlorentineВ” as his second in control rather than Iago himself (I. I just. 20-21).

Iago must have been a selfish person because he simply cared about himself and did

not bother to realize why Cassio had received an increased rank. Cassio on the other

hand, was always there to greatly help and serve Othello at all. He was a generous

person. For example, when Desdemona was likely to sail to Cyprus to meet up

Othello, Cassio stayed behind with Desdemona and accompanied her to Cyprus to


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