An Intro to the Literature and Poetry by Blake

An Launch to the Literature and Poetry by Blake

Blake Poetry

Verily I say unto you, Whoseover shall not really have the kingdom of God as

a little child shall in no sensible enter therein. [S Luke, 18 (17)]

The words are those of Jesus, who was simply neither unacquainted with reality, nor

indifferent to suffering. The childlike innocence described above is

a state of purity rather than of ignorance. Such may be the vision of Blake in

his childlike Songs of Innocence. It could be foolish to suppose that

the writer of ^Г‘Holy Thursday^Г' and ^Г‘The Chimney Sweeper^Г' in Songs of

Innocence was insensible to the modern day social conditions of

orphans or young sweeps, and that which means poems of the same names

in Songs of Experience will be somehow apologies or retractions of an

earlier misapprehension. For the dialect and design of Songs of

Innocence are so consistently naГЇve in comparison to Songs of Experience,

that it really is clear that the sooner poems certainly are a deliberate attempt to

capture the state of grace explained in the Biblical quotation above - a

celebration of


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