An Introduction to the many Compounds of Sodium

An Introduction to the many Compounds of Sodium


Life cannot exist without substances of sodium. These substances hold

water in body tissues, and a extreme deficiency of sodium could cause death.

Blood contains sodium compounds in answer. Sodium compounds are being used in

industry in the manufacture of chemical substances and pharmaceuticals, in metallurgy,

in sodium vapor lights, and in the creation of a huge selection of every day

products. One of many most common sodium substances can be table salt, or sodium

chloride. In its pure form sodium is usually a silver-white, very soft and waxy metallic

element. It's the sixth most abundant factor on the planet and occurs in more

that trace amounts in the superstars and sun.

The secret that led to low-cost development was learned in 1789, when the

French chemist Nicolas Leblanc uncovered steps to make soda out of common

salt. The compound called soda is usually sodium carbonate. Crude sodium carbonate

is named soda ash. The carbonate as well combines with normal water in crystals known

as washing soda, or sal soda. Soda is employed in manufacturing soap, cup,

dyestuffs, and explosives and


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