Analysis of the Novella the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Analysis of the Novella the Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

As Gregor Samsa was raised, he found himself changed into a man, who's immersed in the environment of obligation. This obligation was his task as a salesman which he disgraced, but he accepted this reality for he previously to become the breadwinner of the home, after his father's organization collapsed, and his mother is definitely asthmatic, and his sister is definitely too young for supporting the spouse and children financially. This obligation was the key link between Gregor and his friends and family, who ignored his simple needs of affection and connection. Subsequently, Gregor's family, job, and society should be blamed for his alienation, metamorphosis, and his eventual death.

At the start of the novella, it really is pointed out that "[as] Gregor Samsa awoke one morning hours from uneasy dreams he located himself changed in his bed right into a gigantic insect" (53). The actual fact that Gregor awoke, symbolizes that he awoke from blindness to view, because he admits he will not like his work and expresses it. "Oh God, he thought, what an exhausting task I've picked for myself! On the highway day in, day trip. The devil take everything!" (54). Consequently, he realizes that his job provides dehumanized him and changed him right into a machine, which has only the function of production. Moreover, not merely his job is physically exhausting, but it addittionally involves insufficient serious acquaintances which involve learning new intimate friends, and it bothers Gregor who demands human connection so as to survive.

The principle clerk's visit to Gregor's home is another evidence for the neglect that the firm where Gregor gets results has towards the wants of its employees. "What a


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