40 States Facts


Delaware, among the thirteen colonies, gained its distinction while the " First State" when it was the first to ratify the Constitution about December 7, 1787. Philadelphia

In September 1787, the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia and December doze, 1787, Pa, one of the thirteen colonies, became the second state. New Jersey

Nj-new jersey, one of the tough luck colonies, became the third point out on Dec 18, 1787. Georgia

Atlanta, one of the 13 colonies, ratified the US Cosmetic on January 2, 1788, becoming the fourth state for this; it signed up with the Confederacy on January 19, 1861, and re-entered the Union after the City War. Connecticut

Connecticut, one of the thirteen groupe, became the fifth condition on January 9, 1788. Massachusetts

Formerly part of the 13 colonies, Massachusetts became a state on Feb . 6, 1788 Maryland

Maryland became the seventh point out on The spring 28, 1788. During the Detrimental War, President Abraham Lincoln subsequently placed Maryland under army control. South Carolina

South Carolina, one of the thirteen groupe, became the eighth state on May twenty-three, 1788. On December twenty, 1860, Sc became the first point out to secede form the Union. It re- entered after the Civil War. New Hampshire

In a sense, Fresh Hampshire, at first one of the 13 colonies, " created" the brand new nation simply by becoming the ninth condition on June 21, 1788, meeting the requirement for nine claims to ratify the Metabolic rate. Virginia

Va one of the thirteen colonies, started to be the tenth state upon June twenty-five, 1788. Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy on May twenty nine, 1861, but re-entered the Union following your war. New York

On July 26, 1788, New York, among the thirteen colonies, became the 11th condition. North Carolina

New york, one of the thirteen colonies, started to be the 12th state in November twenty one, 1789. New york troops experienced the greatest deficits of all the states during the Municipal War when fighting pertaining to the Confederacy, re-entered...



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