Across the Continent

Across the region

We are the people of the Carribbean lands. Towards the north and south people lie two large areas where males of every race live and where the local climate and scenery vary from icy tundra to large, dry out desert. You will find mighty rivers and lakes, forests, hill ranges and wide grassy plains. These kinds of continents and everything the islands which usually surround them are known as the ‘Americas'. North and South America will be separated from other continents on the planet by two from seas: the Atlantic and the Pacific cycles.

When and how did the human race first arrive to the Unites states and the Carribbean? Over the years this has puzzled experts, but the majority of them agree that man first came to the Americas using Asia. If we look at a map of the world we will see a narrow expand of water, called the Bering Strait, separating Ak from the shoreline of Siberia in north-eastern Asia. This is the Mongolians path over the ‘land-and-ice bridge'.

The area and the people

Thirty thousand years ago the cold ice-cap of the world spread much additional south compared to the Arctic really does today. This kind of cold period, or Ice cubes Age, held up for thousands of years, after which the ice dissolved and withdrew once more. The past Ice Era was over 10, 500 years ago, the moment men could walk across the Bering Strait. Scientists aren't agreed on when the first men came to America.

The human competition had occupied other continents of the world for hundreds of years before they came to America. Rough, brief, hairy men roamed throughout Africa, Europe and Asia, following herds of wild animals which they wiped out for food. Bare rock caves and also the crotches of trees were the only homes and shield they had, for they did not learn how to build. Meat was nearly all they had to have, for they did not know much about food. They collected fruit but did not know how to grow the plants they will wanted. To keep warm that they wrapped themselves in the cases of critters they killed. Hunters implemented mammoths and other animals as they moved from grazing ground to another.

Man learned to chip components of stones to help make the sharp. These points can pierce, clean and cut, and so this individual used these kinds of stones as tools intended for killing family pets and washing skins. This individual tied the stones to sticks and slowly created axes and spears in this manner. Because no person was able to record the events of such humans, they may be known as ‘prehistoric' men, as well as the only approach we can check out them is usually to study the bones and tools that they left behind. Types of tools and instruments made from bones contain: harpoons, fine needles, beads,, fishhooks and riflard made of shell and cuboid.

Man was a late-comer to the Americas. In those instances men adopted the outrageous beast intended for food plus some tribes followed wandering herds up the period of Asia and across the land-and-ice bridge on the Bering Strait.

Over the hundreds of years various groupings came to The united states in this way and located themselves within a new property. These people had been of the Mongolian race. The individuals of asian Asia are Mongolians.

The Ice Age mammals had come east by Siberia in to Alaska I actually search of food in greener pastures. Their wanderings led them further to the south of into the grasslands of North America. The Mongolians used. They were the first persons in an clear land which in turn spread by itself eastwards towards the Atlantic shores of Canada, southwards over the deserts, through tropical South America and Along the Andes selection mountains for the tip of Chile.

The societies which in turn developed across this huge land, beginning with those initial Mongolian wanders, were amazing. There were communities that dwelt in permanent settlement: a few were democratic, in which everyone had a state in operating affairs from the tribe; some had extremely strict course systems, based on property and wealth. Some were ruled by man gods transported about upon litters; several had organized justice, while others punished by simply torture. there were tribes reigned over by players and people ruled by women, simply by...



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