Marketing Cover Coca-Cola

Rahimafrooz Launches


North South University

Program: MKT202

Session: Summer 2012

Section: 03

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Rakib-Uz-Zaman 1210616030 Diponkar Kumar Saha 1210511030 Ridwan Haider Khandkar 1210493030 Ullash Kumar Roy 1210514030 Syed Sazidul Haque 0930674030

Submitted To: Bashir Hussain (BHn)

Project name: Rahimafrooz Launches " BOOMS COLA”

Date of Submission: subsequent August, 2012

TOPICPage No .

1 . Exec Summary

2 . Company Overview

3. Industry Description

5. Competitor Research

5. Segmenting

6. Targeting

7. Placing

8. Advertising Mix(4P's)

9. Bibliography


BOOMS COLA is among the newcomer brands in Bangladesh. In this job we want to identify the scope of launching a new softdrink brand in Bangladesh by giving details of starting & campaign system of fizzy drinks. In this job we learned the existing merchandise information of your brand BOOMS COLA, The target market, competitive advantage, multimedia plan, prospect and the cash strategy of this business and the different factor. Besides we want to understand the user's choice, inclination and demand by performing a review on the customers. In Bangladesh there are many drink companies, that happen to be owned by simply domestic companies such as AFBL, Partex Refreshment Ltd, and so forth also, there was other intercontinental companies, including Coca-Cola & Pepsi Bd. Ltd. & PEPSI that are doing its business inside Bangladesh. All things considered of that we all try to expose a plan to get the FEUS COLA to launch on the market and take on the rivals. For this reason we evaluate market segmenting, aimed towards, positioning, competitor analysis, advertising mix etc . Then we provide some recommendation for BOOMS COLA based on our survey and making use of new promotional techniques to connect more efficiently with the audience. First we all conducted review which exposed some crucial information about our target audience just like their usage level of softdrink, average expenses on meals per day, which in turn newspaper that they read or perhaps which route they see more often compared to the other. Then we designed some advertising and made a budget of allocating the costs on which channel or magazine we will show our advertisement so that we could do a highly effective communication together with the target audience. From our perspective BOOMS COLA will launch very successfully in our country soon as well as acquire customers very good attention....... (Need More)


Rahimafrooz, founded in 1954 simply by Late A. C. Abdur Rahim being a trading organization, is one of the largest business teams in Bangladesh. It consists of nine SBUs and several various other affiliations. The Group's Leader is Mister. Afroz Rahim and the Managing Director is definitely Mr. Atroz Rahim Rahimafrooz operates in three broad domain names: automotive automotive aftermarket, power and energy, and retail string. It provides tyres, power packs, lubricants, unexpected emergency power goods, diesel along with gas power generators, lighting products, electric powered accessories, solar power systems, energy solutions employing compressed gas, and electric power rectifiers. The Group as well runs 'Agora' the initial retail sequence in Bangladesh. Rahimafrooz creates and marketplaces a range of battery goods – auto, motorcycle, and appliance power packs, Industrial (stationary, deep cycle, traction, VRLA) batteries, IPS and UPS batteries, and rectifiers. Lucas and Spark are the leading names in the local battery market while Cambiamento, Optus and Delta electric batteries are fast gaining fairness as Foreign brands. The Group's collection includes intercontinental Tyre brands Dunlop and Kenda, and...


Bangladesh has a large population of 152, 518, 015 in the last statistics in July sixteen, 2012. Among them young era is measured as main part of market of Drinks like fizzy drinks



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