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College of Arts andHumanities


Introduction to Anthropology

3 Credits

8 Week Course

Prerequisite(s): None of them

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This course introduces students to human nature and behavior from the broad, all natural perspective of contemporary U. T. American anthropology. The several primary sub-fields of anthropology, biological, social, linguistics, and archeology, will be discussed to be able to integrate several aspects of the human condition.

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Course Range

This course is divided into 2 months and is structured to give students a road map in which to study anthropology. In this course, students will learn about various ethnical traditions, precious remains, and material artifacts throughout the world. Instruction is primarily textbook powered with supported online lectures and on the web classroom regular discussion. Because is a review course of an extensive subject, it will eventually out of necessity, cover each subject with a wide brush. Yet , the reference point area and online meeting room will permit a deeper look into virtually any subject area that particularly attracts the student. The student will learn using the World Wide Web to analyze topics linked to the material discussed and protected in the book. Table of Contents

Course Objectives

This system has being unfaithful objectives. Understanding of each training course objective may come from analyze and discussion through blood pressure measurements, forums, and also other assignments.

Course Objectives:

1) Understand and show respect for human distinctions

2) Sum up a range of anthropological terms

3) Make clear the different sub-fields of anthropology

4) Identify how anthropology uses the scientific approach as a guideline in developing its own one of a kind theories 5) Explain the holistic nature of anthropology

6) Illustrate basic knowledge of key principles within the field of anthropology, including a knowledge of the complexities, diversity, and history of human being  evolution 7) Demonstrate an awareness of traditions and how it assists frame our societies (family, lifestyle, family tree, language and communication) and its evolution, just how it mirrors biological evolution 8) Demonstrate a knowledge of individual past, both equally distant and more recent, and exactly how our earlier can be used to touch upon our future 9) Demonstrate information literacy skills

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Course Delivery Method

This basic education training course delivered by way of distance learning is going to enable pupils to finish academic operate a flexible manner, completely online. Course components and usage of an online learning management system will be made available to each student. On the web assignments happen to be due by last time of each week and include online community questions (accomplished in organizations through a threaded forum), quizzes (graded electronically), a take-home essay midterm and a take-home essay final (submitted for assessment by the teachers member), and individual tasks (submitted intended for review by the faculty member). Assigned teachers will support the students through this eight-week course. Desk of Contents

Course Elements

Park, Meters. A. (2014). Introducing anthropology: An integrated approach, with PowerWeb, 6th Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0078035066

In this course we are applying an electronic textbook through VitalSource Visual Bookshelf. Students are in charge of for accessing their book during Week 1 . Prior to the beginning of the program all students received VitalSource login credentials from EdMap. This information was sent to the student's current email address of record. If you have difficulties accessing your textbook, get in touch with the Publication Office by [email protected] edu or speak to EdMap...



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