Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography Essay

23.01.2020 | 779 views Valentina Orisa Suwandi ID: 25305043 Maclaran, P. (2009-2010). The SAGE handbook of marketing theory. Los Angeles; Greater london: SAGE. This guide brings together the newest in debates concerning the advancement…..

Annotated Bibliography Alexandre Gustave Eiffel Essay

23.01.2020 | 505 views http://www.biographybase.com/biography/Eiffel_Gustave.html • " he is most well-known for building the Eiffel Tower” • " was obviously a French industrial engineer and businessperson, specialist of metallic buildings. ” http://www.tour-eiffel.fr/teiffel/uk/documentation/pdf/about_the%20Eiffel_Tower.pdf?id=4_11…..

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