Annotated Bibliography Alexandre Gustave Eiffel


• " he is most well-known for building the Eiffel Tower” • " was obviously a French industrial engineer and businessperson, specialist of metallic buildings. ”


• " He was responsible for the metal buildings of the Excellent Marché department store and the Crédit Lyonnais financial institution in Paris, france, the cupola of the Wonderful observatory, and, above all, the very impressive inner structure in the Statue of Liberty. ” • " The construction from the Eiffel Tower in

1889 was his crowning achievements. ”


• " Throughout his life he was concerned with progressive structures and especially with the associated with wind packing on aircraft surfaces. ”


• " After college graduation from the College or university of Art and Developing in 1855, Eiffel began to specialize in metal construction, specifically bridges. ” • " He aimed the hard-on of an flat iron bridge at Bordeaux in 1858, then several others, and designed the lofty, arched Photo gallery of Machines for the Paris Event of 1868. ” • " Eiffel startled the earth with the building of the Eiffel Tower (1887–89), which brought him the nickname " magician of iron. ””


• " Traits�: Personality�: Hard worker”


• " During his children, the two most effective influences upon Eiffel were both effective chemists, his uncles Jean-Baptiste Mollerat and Michel Perret. Both males spent lots of time with youthful Eiffel, filling his head with many techniques from chemistry and mining to religion and philosophy. ” • " At university, Eiffel was extremely ingenious, but not incredibly studious. • " Following graduation, Eiffel's uncle provided him employment at his vinegar works in Dijon, France. Nevertheless , a family question...



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