Annotating (Glass Castle)

Annotating (Glass Castle)

Glass Fort

Did you notice anything unusual about Jeannette Walls portrayal of poverty, or homelessness? * Despite the fact that they had bad times with food and other necessities, that they still were happy as a family 5. When your woman was young, she viewed life as an excitement and when the girl got old and in Western world Virginia she started to find reality of her life and your woman didn't want to be seen as the lady who comes from the beat up house as well as the family that didn't also have food * She does not let her situation of poverty end up being an excuse or maybe a burden because of not being successful and she knew she was going to push earlier it 5. It demonstrates the Walls' lifestyle was obviously a choice, once her she figures out her mom has had land worth a million dollars and she just wanted to live how she was living When did Jeannette figure out that her lifestyle was not normal?

2. When filmmakers came to Welch and were making a documentary and she saw films about life in New York, the lady saw there were life beyond the way these people were living 5. When her dad was prostituting her out, her view of her father was improved * The moment she gone over to a friend's house they had a thermostat and she experienced never experience one prior to and this your woman realized there was clearly much more that way and the approach she was living had not been normal Do you consider her parents were mentally ill?

Her mom might stay in pickup bed for days each time and she would not even take care of her own kids is to do nothing, she was almost certainly in despression symptoms The father was a great alcoholic (when he attempted to quit in Arizona he had withdrawal) which was a mental illness He might have been molested by his mother, Erma-When Erma was molesting Brian and the kids told all their father he denied this and became incredibly angry, likely trying to cover up what happened to him He also hardly ever wanted to go to West Virginia, he stated it was because of pride yet he was probably scared of returning to Erma Being molested by his would clarify his alcoholism, his anger...



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