Architecuture Paper

Source: Week Two Video Classes.

Write a 700- to 1, 050-word comparison and contrast daily news in which you evaluate Classical Traditional temple structure, such as the Parthenon, and middle ages Gothic cathedrals, such as Salisbury or Amiens Cathedrals.

Address the following factors:

Date created and key purpose of every (introduction)


* The original construction of the Parthenon was built in 448-432 BCE. The Parthenon was dedicated to the Greek empress Athena, the girl was known as the virgin customer from here people in Greece. Parthenon was built for the purpose to store the chryselephantine statue of Athena. The sculptor of Parthenon was Pheidias, it was designed by Iktinos and Kallikrates, the 2 men had been architects to get the task. *

* The traditional greek Parthenon was constructed with a Doric style that may be simple and graceful, the same way those of Athens represented themselves in the next and sixth century. In the heart of the batiment was a round colonnade in the background for the gold and ivory figurine of Athena Parthenos. The bottom of the Parthenon was between monuments of Zeus the father of Athena giving birth to Athena the goddess, in the west foundation of the monument shows Athena and Poseidaon disputing intended for the acquiring of Athens before the gods. Along the other base edges were adorned with other sculptural pieces just like the lions brain in the edges of the basic. *

5. One system innovation intended for the Parthenon, is the even spaces among each line, and producing the middle of every column a different sort of size compared to the rest of the column to give a aesthetic effect, also that they made the most notable of the key elements smaller than the base to give that a visual impression that the typical monuments is a little thin and very little further aside. *


5. The original Amiens Cathedral in France was built in 1152; it was ruined in a fireplace in 1218. Different parts of the Amiens Cathedra was accomplished, in 1220 was when it started the brand new construction,...



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