Trial SPM 2012-Pulau Pinang

Bahasa Inggeris/English-Paper 1/Directed Publishing

Question: You are the Admin of My School, My own Home campaign in you school. You could have been asked to write a paper on how to choose your classroom a condusive location to study.

My own School, My own Home

by simply 5 Gemilang 2


This can be an important year as we have to sit for each of our SPM assessment and association of this, the counselling club of SMK. Dato' Sri Amar Diraja, Muar is planning a plan about " My University, My Home". The aim of this kind of campaign is usually to create the awareness of the clealliness amongst students and to ensure that that they get a good and comfortable environment of teaching and learning method especially in the classroom. This plan will be kept for one month starting from September to Aug 2012 in our school , nor hesitate to participate in us in different activities in order to improve each of our academic successes.


Classroom needs to be very favorable to examined and therefore we need to start by picking the class panel to lead the other learners to carry out the duty. Besides, we need to hang up guidelines in a classroom and place that at the appropriate spot so that everybody can examine and abide by it. All pupils should mindful not to eat in the classroom during recess plus the prefects must play their role to make sure that this will not always be happened within our school even as we want to make a clean environment. The right place for them to take in is at the college canteen and a tight punishment ought to be taken to people who disobey the college rules.


Punctuality is very important in our academic powerful. Therefore , as a responsible pupils we would often follow the university rules to avoid any abuse and attend any classes on time without fail. The keep an eye on and associate monitor will need to work together to plan a powerful duty roaster for everybody and ensure they often do their very own work. Remind those scholar who suppose to do the duty to arrive early to school to do the respective responsibility such as sweeping the...



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