Measure the functionalist theory of family members

Assess the functionalist theory of relatives.

Intro: Friends and family & Functionalism

Murdock classification

#common property

#economic assistance


P1: Murdock

~4 functions:





P2: Parson

~Basic & Irreducible function of family

#Primary Socialisation

#Stabilisation of adult people

P3: Critique: Marxist

~see fam as being a distinct company

#private property (Engels)

# prop for capitalism(Zaretsky)

P4: Critism of Marxist (Feminist)

~violence used (Jeniffer Somerville)

~Emphasise on capitalism

~Women exploited

#Fran Ansley-safety valve(stabilisation of mature personalities) P5: Counter Feminist

P6: Critism: Idealise the family

~Death of relatives

P7: Critism: Individualisation

~ Variation of relatives structure/ neglect to explore alternatives #Matrifocal fam


P8: Evaluation: neglects fam range

~Different traditions, different types of people

#Based about American midsection class family

P9 Evaluation: See together way method

P10: Evaluation: Advantages


Closing: Primary socialisation is still the exact function

The particular core of functionalist theory is that contemporary society consists of different types of institution that works together to produce social purchase. Functionalist finds a number of capabilities which keeps the society operating smoothly generally by having worth consensus. George Peter Murdock, a functionalist, claims that the family is a great universal interpersonal institutions because his exploration shows that by small hunting and gathering band to large-scale commercial societies, relatives existed atlanta divorce attorneys society. Consequently , Murdock identified the family members as a cultural group seen as common house, economic co-operation and imitation.

Murdock believes that family works four basic functions in all of the societies which will he termed sexual, reproductive system, economic and educational. Sexual and reproductive are functions that are essential to stabilise and ensure...



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