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Professional management is actually a dynamic discipline of study, always producing and changing to the require of the global market. Professional management holds solutions for a lot of problems industry offers with many tools, including the 'Hungarian Algorithm'. The Hungarian method is a combinatorial optimization algorithm which will solves the assignment problem in polynomial time that's awaited later primal-dual methods. The algorithm was created and published by Harold Kuhn in 1955, who gave the name 'Hungarian Method' since the algorithm was largely depending on earlier functions of two Hungarian mathematicians: Dénes Kőnig and Jenő Egerváry. A modern industrial engineer needs to manage the ever growing needs in the organization, the times requires him to accomplish fast and efficient. All of us based the work on the 2010 project by: Michal Cohen, Asher Halili, Itay Levi, Dude Bar Sheshet, Bilga Damir and Barak Goldkorn, which will developed a Windows-environment solver. The reason we chose to concentrate our job on the selected topic is definitely the desire to boost and to offer powerful tools to the day-to-day industrial industrial engineer. Today's agencies are more demanding, requiring even more outcomes for much less time. That is why all of us chose developing this tool intended for the 'here and now' industrial professional. We accomplished our aim by enhancing and modifying the source code to mobile phones and tablets based on Android® platform. A couple of reasons for choosing Android® creation over additional mobile phones OPERATING-SYSTEM: 1 . The vast boost of use Android® based cell phones. You can assessment the following graph which reveals the growth of Android® centered mobiles business all over the world (the red line).

installment payments on your Android® while open OPERATING SYSTEM:

a. Android® on its own is an open source mobile OS, and think the important posting our know-how for further improvement and expanding. b. Since followed to Google's (Android® manufacturer) share-knowledge vision, a great Android® creator can easily upload applications to Android® primarily based products with no regulation or perhaps need to pay anywhere of money (unlike iPhone Iphone app Store). c. Downloading the Android® expansion kit is completely free and never requires virtually any special Google's or Android®'s products (again, unlike iPhone which requires Macintosh system and 100$ registration within their system).

Desk of Items


Program Initiation6

Job Definition6

Suggested Improvements8

Producing Methodology9

The Improved Condition9

Primal Attribution10

Primal Software program Requirements10

Software Workflow11

Team-work Assignments12

Program Analysis13

Work Chart13

Info Flow Blueprints (DFD's)14

Data Flow Layouts (DFD's) Flow15

System Designing16


Choices Schema18

Encoding, QA and Implementation19







Manual Algorithm Solution24

DFD-0 Tables26

DFD-2 Tables29

User Manuals31


Through the course ' Information Systems Analysis and Design A'' taught by Dr . Gabi Pinto, we have been tasked to formulate IS app referenced since industrial professional helping application, but not only this one tapped out. During the training course Dr . Pinto encouraged us to develop the algorithm to mobile phones, and supported all of us by providing the source code of the algorithm produced to glass windows based system. The project problem is targeted on resource allocation for different tasks, so that every resource is specifically assigned to a sole task. The goal of the criteria is to identify the optimal resource allocation by obtaining bare minimum cost or maximum income. The application obtains values from your user (formed as a matrix) and also the form of the problem (maximum profit or minimum cost). The iphone app sets a lot of manipulations around the user's insight and exhibits him the optimal resource share. The reason we chose concentrating on the Hungarian...



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