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1 . A rigid tank with a volume of 1 . eight m3 contains 15 kilogram of condensed liquid water vapor mixture of normal water at 90oC. Now the water is slowly and gradually heated. Decide the temperatures at which the liquid in the tank is completely vaporized. Also, show the method on a T-v diagram regarding saturation lines. (5 marks)

2 . A 0. 5 m3 vessel contains 12 kg of refrigerant-134a at -20oC. Decide (a) the pressure, (b) the total inner energy, and (c) the quantity occupied by liquid phase. (8 marks)

3. A tank in whose volume is definitely unknown is usually divided into two parts by a partition. One side from the tank consists of 0. 01 m3 of refrigerant-134a which is a saturated liquefied at zero. 8 MPa, while the various other side is usually evacuated. The partition is actually removed, plus the refrigerant floods the entire fish tank. If the last state with the refrigerant can be 20oC and 400 kPa, determine the amount of the reservoir. (4 marks)

four. As demonstrated in Number 1, a 0. five m3 rigid tank that contain hydrogen in 20oC and 600 kPa is connected by a control device to another zero. 5 m3 rigid reservoir that retains hydrogen at 30oC and 150 kPa. Now the valve is opened plus the system is allowed to reach energy equilibrium together with the surroundings, which are at 15oC. Determine the final pressure in the tank. (4 marks)

Physique 1

5. Nitrogen at a hundred and fifty K contains a specific amount of 0. 041884 m3/kg. Decide the pressure of the nitrogen, using (a) the ideal gas equation and (b) the Beattie-Bridgeman formula. Compare the results to the experimental benefit of a thousand kPa. (9 marks)

Particular date of submitter: 19th Oct 2011 (EH2211A)/20th October 2011 (EH2201B)



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