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п»їOut of all the video clips, the first one experienced the greatest effect on me and stuck in my mind a lot more than any of the other folks. I think is it doesn't biggest review of videos, giving a deep take a look at what SUPPORTS really is and just how it came to be. The video defined how HIV literally relates to life once inside a individual's body, which in turn gave me chills. Personally, I found the movies quite distressing. It is important to comprehend, however , this is a around the world epidemic and the children's encounters we see in the videos are ones that are battling this terrible disease.

One can turn into infected with HIV through sex, bloodstream transfusions, needle sharing, and from mom to kid. A few of the risk factors for AIDS incorporate having unprotected sex, my old STI (sexually transmitted infection), which generate open sores on a person's genitalia and permit HIV to through all of them, and intravenous drugs. Various people who use intravenous drugs share their very own needles with one another which reveals them to other's blood.

Now, unfortunately, there is no vaccination that could prevent the illness of HIV and no get rid of for HELPS has been found. Taking precaution is the best way to avoid contracting the condition. This can be done in several ways. First, is to use a new condom each time you have sexual intercourse, especially if you are unsure of the HIV position of your spouse. The second measure is to consult with your doctor about Truvada, a drug that reduces the chance of HIV illness. Third, chatting with your sexual partners regarding HIV is essential so that if you have the disease, you don't distributed it to someone else. Finally, use a clean needle and do not share with any individual (or merely don't carry out drugs inside the first place).

In order to try and reduce the likelihood of contracting the virus, you first have to understand what ASSISTS is. According to Mayoclinic. com, AIDS is defined as the next:

" HELPS is a serious, potentially life-threatening condition brought on by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By...



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