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Cedar Park Christian College

2013 JSB Event

The city of cedar park Christian College

2013 JSB Event

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Sat April 25th, 2013

Echo Falls Course

20414 121st Ave SONY ERICSSON

Snohomish, WA, 98296


Saturday Apr 27th, 2013

Echo Declines Golf Course

20414 121st Volatil SE

Snohomish, WA, 98296


Ticketed Prices:

twenty-five with an ASB greeting card

35 with no ASB card

Tickets offered:

Ticket Prices:

25 with an ASB card

thirty-five without an ASB card

Tickets available:


Dinner- six: 30 EVENING

Usnaps- 6-10 PM

Celebrations end in 10 PM


Dinner- 6: 31 PM

Usnaps- 6-10 PM

Festivities end at 10 PM

This is intended to add all CPCS juniors and seniors All of us encourage sets of friends to have a table of 8 with each other and arrive enjoy the evening! Because this celebration is geared to and designed by CPCS students and alumni, exterior guests are unable to be accommodated. This event is supposed to include most CPCS second and seniors We encourage groups of good friends to get a desk of eight together and come enjoy the evening! Because this event is geared to and planned by simply CPCS students and alumni, outside guests are not able to become accommodated. MENU:


Appropriate dress in this event can be described as suit or tux pertaining to the men and a knee to floor length dress to get the ladies. This is certainly a semi- formal event Appropriate costume for this function is a fit or tux for the gentlemen and a leg to flooring length dress for your new chance not to be alone. This is a semi- formal event



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