1 ) Functions of departments in Thanh Dung Company

* BOD: The main function of the table is to manage the business in the best interest, primarily in the shareholders. Put simply it is their duty to include value to the business which usually, by definition, requires the director to make sure that the Thanh Dung Organization continues to boost its profitability and the price or value of the shares. They are going to set up objectives, policies and strategies to produce the premise pertaining to the procedure of Thanh Dung Organization. (Helium site, created in: October 12-15, 2006, last updated: 04 15, 2010) * Factories: the function of factories is production products. * Super retailers: the function of them is exhibiting and sale of goods. * HM resource office: recruitment and training workers for Thanh Dung Business. * Revenue department:

Its functions are:

* Sales department is responsible for the sales and distribution in the products to the different areas. * Customer Care

* Make sure sales of Thanh Muck Company

2. The features of marketing section:

* producing trademark of Thanh Muck Company

2. Ensures clients know the company and the products of Thanh Dung 5. Expanding the market for the company

* The functions of Design division:

2. Product Style

* Innovative and continuously improved quality of products to suit customer needs * The functions of Finance department:

* Keeping data of the purchases and revenue made by Thanh Dung Company as well as capital spending. 2. Managers require ongoing economic information to allow BOD of Thanh Dung Company to create better decisions. * Managing of wages.

5. The function of purchasing materials department: Pertaining to manufacturing business, such as Thanh Dung, the department takes on a very important role. If the section work successfully, it will help Thanh Dung financial savings cost in the production process, increase profitability and competitive benefit of the company on the market.

2 . Fundamental Elements of Accounting

* Assets

Assets will be the resources Thanh Dung Firm use to execute business actions. For example , Thanh Dung Co. is a furniture distribution organization, company's delivery truck probably meets this kind of requirement. Assets also must provide a lot of future monetary benefit to Thanh Dung. Economic rewards can include cash and credit sales. Since company uses truck to supply goods for their customers, industry’s truck enables them to reap an economic gain -- sales -- and meets this criterion as well. To record an increase in a property, employees/accountants of Thanh Muck debit the account, and a credit rating records a boost. * Financial obligations

Liabilities happen to be Thanh Dung Company's current obligations. They will arise coming from past situations such as getting a loan to buy equipment to get company. These past incidents create an obligation that organization cannot avoid. Company can typically copy assets to be in liabilities. For instance , when Thanh Dung employs employees, company promises to pay money for their solutions. Hiring the employee is the past event and company's assurance to pay is provider's obligation that Thanh Muck cannot prevent once the employee provides the support. Issuing a paycheck is a transfer in the asset, funds. An increase in legal responsibility is acknowledged, while a decrease is definitely debited. 2. Expenses

Bills reduce resources or enhance liabilities to get a given period. For example , the fuel that Thanh Muck Company's delivery truck consumes is a cost. When business buys gas for the truck, that reduces industry’s cash, which can be company's advantage. Similarly, in the event that Thanh Muck buys gas using a credit card, it increases company's liability. Expenses are usually repeating situations. For example , Thanh Dung Business must pay out company's automobile leases by same day each month. As soon as company record an expense depends on the accounting basis Thanh Dung Company is definitely using. Thanh dung may use the accrual basis. When ever company uses the accrual basis, organization records the...