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The Blind area

The Blind Side described by Ruben Lee Hancock was a image text with regards to a teenage son named Michael. Based on an absolute story Jordan, nicknamed Big Mike is growing up in a poor and damaged family and goes toward a open public school in which no one actually cares about him. Growing up this way leaves Big Mike emotionally deprived and depressed. Thanks to his Friend's father Michael gets the opportunity to visit a private institution on a scholarship. Suddenly this individual has instructors that care about him and even though his your life seems to be slowly improving, Big Mike even now uses other's washing machines in the Laundromat, would not sleep at your home and remains at the gym by school since it was warm. The biggest level in this video was the moment Leigh Anne Touhy recognizes Big Robert on the side of the road and lets Big Mike have a place to stay. Leigh is a girl that gets what she wants and it is clear from the moment she satisfies Mike that she would care for him. From this level Big Mike and Leigh build a solid relationship, this individual ends up moving in with them and turns into a part of the family members. Michael is a big man and a primary reason he was accepted into the institution was because he had the perfect build to try out American basketball and by the end of the video Big Robert was one of the top players and went on to have a job in this.

My favorite persona throughout the book was definitely Big Mike, I love how complex of a character the director built him. Physical appearance wise, Big Mike looked big and tough, having been the type of son that you might walk the other direction possibly him in the street, but when you discover him inside the movie you find how kind hearted he's. A classic example of this is when Big Mike will be playing sports and he doesn't tackle anyone because he doesn't need to damage anyone. This individual reminds me of your giant plush bear that wouldn't hurt anyone. But then and his kind heart should you dig further you can see the lining strength he possesses. Coming from a very young age Michael is usually forced...



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