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Degrees in the realm of education are standardized dimension of various levels of understanding within a subject area. Grades are the measurement of student's capacities and to decide their abilities and failings. This as well serves as an instrument which goal is to identify the students' strengths and weaknesses. It is vital to use a grading system which in turn helps teachers and institution to determine the capacities of learners in every area. AВ systemВ is a setВ of interacting or perhaps interdependent components forming an integrated whole or a set of element which are different from relationships in the set or its components to various other elements or sets. The brand new grading program which is the KPUT program divided into several components know-how, process or perhaps skills, understanding and copy. KnowledgeВ is the component where you are questioned regarding the facts and definitions you've learned, which may be the basis of your stock information about the basic meanings and facts about the lessons you've tackled. Method is where you will apply all of your techniques and skills you've learned about the teachings in a presented question or problem. Understanding is a part that will test out your deep understanding about the lesson and it will also use the cleverness and knowledge to determine if you seriously understood the lesson. Transfer where college students apply and relate their understandings and learning in real life circumstance. This new grading system has an advantages and disadvantages to the students but this system can easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of learners because of the elements in the system. This can be their very own basis in their studies. The analysis aims to recognize the effects of the KPUT grading system to the students. And also to identify the benefits and disadvantages from the KPUT grading system.

Statement of the Problem

This analyze aims to answer and determine if the KPUT grading program affects registrants of the Class 7 Registrants of Siena University of Taytay (School Yr 2012-2013). The study will answer the following queries: 1 . What components in the KPUT Grading System carry out students encounter difficulties? 2 . What are the advantages and disadvantages in the KPUT grading system? three or more. What are the views with the students regarding the new grading system? 5. How do students gain advantages from the KPUT grading program? 5. Really does KPUT Grading System increase the learning technique of the students?

Theoretical Framework/Conceptual Construction

Advantages and Disadvantages in the KPUT Grading System 5. ADVANTAGES

* The students can determine their pros and cons in parts of English, Scientific research, Math, C. L, Interpersonal Studies, Philippine, T. M. E, Reading, MAPEHS * The students might have the chance to improve and develop their abilities in studying(listening, understanding) 5. The new grading system promotes students to analyze harder 2. The students is going to aim bigger to get a very good grade



5. There is a big factor to affect the scholar's grade because of the components offered (Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Transfer) every component provides a different percentage. If a student failed in a single component and it has a big percentage with the grade then it is a component to have an effect on his quality..


Significance of the Study

The results of the findings in the study are acclamatory for the following: For the Students

They will know their abilities and failings in different areas that will help them to enhance and develop their weak points because of the pieces of the grading system (Knowledge, Process, Understanding, Transfer) they can determine about what component they should focus even more. Because of these pieces they can avoid failure and lower marks because they are at this point aware about every single components and it's assigned percentage that will be one factor in determining their grades....



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