Organization Systems Evaluation

Enterprise-Level Business System

Kathryn Harrison


January 17, 2011

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Assessment of Enterprise-Level Business System

Enterprise-level business systems contain the development and implementation of your computerized system that retains data between the enterprise-level business systems. The sharing of data makes the business run smother than claim a business in the early eighties. In the business globe today it is computerized and simply managed together with the proper software program and practicing the system Details Gathering Methods

While looking for an enterprise-level business systems first look at processes in place today. Change what needs to be transformed and add fresh processes only when it boosts the movement of the business system. Assist the company to find out what ideal suites the needs of the company. Employ information-gathering methods such as interviews, documentation, statement, questionnaires, and measurements. • Interview

o Operations managers;

um Workers whatsoever levels of the business level organization system. The workers; who use the system can easily explain the process used daily; o Inquire about problems that the workers see and want superior; • Records

o The way the current data is recorded;

o Comprehension of the existing program;

o Is a software very well documented;

um Help screens and helpful software agents;

to Document each of the parts of the task from the fist phone call for the final tests, handing the program over, and post evaluation of the system. Understand the procedure before recommending any type of enterprise-level business system. Communication of the workflow is crucial in business. Relating to T. A, O'Brien, " Documents serves as a procedure for communication among the list of people in charge of developing, implementing, and preserving a computer-based...

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