Organization Strategy and Policy


Wintertime 2011Quarter

Dr . Ossama Elhadary

COACH 4514 creditsPrerequisites: MGT220, MKT220, FIN300Class Hours: T summer: 00 pm hours – 09: 30 pm| Teachers Office: GMT – Rm. 117Room: BGN 135| Speak to Info: [email protected] eduOffice Hours: W almost 8: 30 was – 14: 30 amR 05: 00 pm – 06: 00 pm


This program is an overview of the most recent theories as well as the current practice in strategic management. Looks at the development and implementation of strategies in a variety of areas of business activity (finance, sourcing, creation, human resource management, advertising, and international business).


Author(s): Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson

ISBN: 0-538-75309-9

Text: Proper Management Ideas, 9th male impotence.

Publisher: Cengage Learning, 2010

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At the successful conclusion of this course, pupils will be able to:

* Have got a more deeply understanding of the process of strategic management and its contribution to the managing of the organization� * Discover the options available to the organization to best handle changes in the environment and to best take advantage of the company competence� * Develop and apply synthetic and creative skills in handling and evaluating problems and in generating alternative solutions� * Discover and make clear methods used by companies to develop competitive advantage.


This program uses a combination of lectures, talks, case research and individual research. Students' knowledge will be evaluated with quizzes, written assignments, in-class discussions a midterm, and a final test. Evaluation of written assignments will be based the on the top quality of content, understanding of current events and issues, the caliber of the " mechanics” (proper use of language, punctuation, grammar, etc . ) and the top quality of the drafted and mouth presentation. You are expected to engage in college-level reading, mental comprehension and study abilities. Outside examining of relevant current events is encouraged. Active engagement in all category activities is needed. Communication abilities are considered essential in the field of Administration. Therefore , as a part of this course, you will take part in active learning exercises including analysis of current situations, class talks, group actions, etc ... You should accept responsibility for your own actions, including requesting questions and also to offer and accept helpful criticism.


Regular attendance and contribution in class discussions are very important. The ability to talk to the mentor and fellow students regarding issues linked to the topic of the course is a crucial part of the learning strategy. As a result, a portion in the final grade will indicate the frequency and top quality of the present student's participation in classroom conversation. You are responsible to submit every assigned work on the start of school on the date due - even when absent. (This is possible via email attachment). There is no makeup job and later work is usually NOT accepted and will get a grade of zero. Presence will be used at the discernment of the teacher and is thought as being present and seated quietly when class begins. All pupils are expected to get in class punctually. Arriving late is distracting, disruptive and unprofessional. A student who concerns class after the attendance is usually taken will be marked missing. A student who comes to school and then leaves will be designated absent. The instructor holds the justification to make the final decision in identifying your range of absences.


Each college student must have a...

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4. The library shall be scheduled to get a presentation in class on how to study for the paper. �

5. The ASC will probably be scheduled for any presentation in the lecture on the MLA format.


The significance of an institution of higher education is dependent upon their ability to maintain the integrity of its academic environment. � Academic corruption cannot and will not end up being tolerated at Berkeley College or university. � Berkeley College is committed to assisting its mission to provide an educational experience designed to develop professional expertise including growing habits of private and specialist integrity. � The College expects all people of it is community -- - college students, faculty and staff -- - to act honestly at all times.

" Academic Duplicity is any kind of form of cheating and stealing articles which results in students giving or receiving not authorized assistance in an academic project or getting credit for work that is not their own. "

All students are required to agree to a pledge of honesty concerning their academic work, and school is anticipated to maintain the requirements of that code.


Virtually any student requiring help will find an array of software program as analyze skills teaching; support intended for reading and writing expertise; and help with mathematics, mouth communication and computer applications. Both expert and faculty tutors are available for assistance. The Academic Support Center presents academic assistance to all college students through the use of companies including training, workshops and access to computer-based programs. For even more information, please visit the Academic Support Center on grounds and on Blackboard.



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