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1 . The first stage is Actual Self. In this stage, babies become aware of their particular existence and distinguish their own bodies by objects inside the environment (Schultz & Schultz 2009). � Monica has a sense of humor. The lady often seems frustrated while she protects her children and seems to lose her state of mind. She is able to joke regarding her tiredness later. Another stage is definitely Self-identity. Children realize that their identity remains to be intact inspite of the many alterations that are taking place. Monica is definitely 38 years old stay at home mother of four kids. The third stage is Self-pride. Children figure out how to take pride in their very own accomplishments (Schultz & Schultz 2009). � Monica can be insecure about not having joined college. She doesn't think about herself while unintelligent, but sees their self as unfounded and defers to others which has a better education. The fourth level is Expansion of do it yourself. In this stage, children come to recognize the object and people which have been part of their own world. � Monica is a great mother and a mom of fourth. She covers her children's physical and emotional requirements. The sixth stage is usually Self-image. Kids develop real and idealized images of themselves and their behavior and turn aware of fulfilling parental expectations (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica knows the fact that she appears intimidating and angry. She actually is self-conscious of her frown lines. The sixth level is Do it yourself as logical coper. Children begin to apply reason and logic towards the solution of everyday problems (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Muddle and messiness bothers her. She clears the two bathing rooms every day, vacuums, dusts, covers toys, and etc .. The final level is Propriate striving. With this stage young adults begin to come up with long-range desired goals and strategies (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Monica is usually considering heading back to school to earn an associate's degree in Legal Business Studies and becoming a legal assistant.

installment payments on your Cardinal attributes are the many perverse and powerful individual trait (Schultz & Schultz 2009). These traits rule a person's behavior and ruling love. Central qualities are the handful of outstanding traits that identify a person's tendencies (Schultz & Schultz 2009). These characteristics describe the behavior. The secondary characteristics are the least important traits which a person may possibly display inconspicuously and unpredictably (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Only a close friend may possibly recognize these kinds of traits. Monica's has a large amount of central characteristics. Her good friends describe her as being fiercely loyal, supportive, and talkative. She's also a perfectionist and neurotic about cleaning.

3. The functional autonomy propose that the purpose of a older, emotionally health adults are generally not functionally connected to the prior experiences in which that they initially came out (Schultz & Schultz 2009). An addicting behavior that Monica offers is that the lady tries to continue to keep her residence spotless. The girl cleans both the bathrooms every day, vacuums, dusts, picks up toys and games, and so forth. � She is neurotic about washing.

4. Prorim is a term for the ego or self (Schultz & Schultz 2009). It appears as if Monica understands whom she is being a unique individual. Monica's washing, need for order, and capacity to laugh in herself helps aid in her individuality.

5. Propriate trying is when ever young people begin to formulate long range goals and plans (Schultz & Schultz 2009). Her goals should be to go back to college to get an associate's degree in Legal Organization Studies and turn a legal associate after all her children are in middle school. She is as well able to agree to her feelings of disappointment as the girl takes care of her kids and her forgetfulness. �

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1 . Allport criteria intended for mental well being, is that he believed that mature adults have a unifying viewpoint or a pair of values. These types of values help give a goal to their existence. � That they apply propriate self-extension with their friends, family, hobbies, and work. A healthy personality consists of compassionate and loving...