Central Line Case study

п»їThe affected person is a 45 year old man who had GI surgery some days back. В He is NPO, contains a nasogastric tube, and IV fluids of D51/2saline at 100 mL/hr. В The nursing physical assessment comes with the following: В alert and oriented; good crackles; capillary refill within just normal limits; moving every extremities, complaining of belly pain, muscles aches, and " cottony" mouth; dry mucous membranes, bowel seems hypoactive, previous BM four days in the past; skin turgor is poor; 200 cubic centimeters of dark green substance has drained via NG conduit in last 3 hours. В Voiding dark ruby urine without difficulty. В Absorption for previous 24 hours can be 2500mL. В Output can be 2000mL including urine and NG drainage. В Febrile and diaphoretic; BP 130/80; pulse 88; urine specific gravity 1 ) 035; serum potassium a few. 0 mEq/l; serum salt 140mEq/l, CL 92mEq/l, Mg 1 . four mg/dL. В 1 . ) Analyze your data in the case analyze. В Do the findings indicate a substance deficit or perhaps fluid surplus problem? В Support the answer with data using this patient. We would guess a fluid volume level deficit. Darker amber urine, dry mucus membranes, poor skin turgor, and labs all point in that direction. Although the person's output appears to be adequate, anything else points towards dehydration. It also seems like you will have a fluid/electrolyte imbalance which can be putting the water in the wrong departments, or an infection (as reflected in pt. vital signs). Thus even though he is receiving 4 fluids, it's not highlighting on his physical assessment and labs. installment payments on your )В What factors could possibly be contributing to this matter?

Part of the trouble may be that a lot of of the person's fluids happen to be being received via 4 (2400ml in 24 hours) and offers only intoxicated 100ml PO in the past 24 hours. Low GI motility due to recent GI surgery may have connected with it, or possibly a f/e discrepancy, or an infection could be a adding issue. Last but not least fever and diaphoresis could cause high amounts of insensible substance loss. three or more. )В Evaluate the patient's electrolyte values and present a explanation for the...



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