Charles Labrie and the Creation of the Sanctuary

The Sanctuary Background

In 1913, humanitarian Charles Labrie commenced building The Sanctuary. This is to be among the many institutions intended for the socially discarded and alienated emotionally ill. Delivered in Rome, France upon Oct. 16, 1873 and part of an immediate descendent of the Bonaparte dynasty, Charles was exposed to the best minds The european countries had to offer. He excelled in most facets of scholastics, music and athletics. Upon finding a well used Thirteenth 100 years Bible which usually belonged to his mother, this individual seemed to offer an obsession together with the Old Legs and created a special affinity for theology throughout the years. By his 30th birthday he had stopped at over 20 countries including His home country of israel, Africa as well as the United States being exposed to many different beliefs and civilizations while combined with his the child years mentor and caretaker. Seeing that his children, Charles have been plagued while using guilt and burden of his younger sister's affliction. The lady was born with severe schizophrenia. Although mislabeled as " childhood madness" and then throughout her teenagers years the diagnosis developed into various other terms including " lunacy", " insanity", " dementia" and " derangement". As the infuriating worsened he would observe a lot more violent behavior as well as her erratic hallucinations. Charles observed as his sister spiraled into a darkness which he could not comprehend. She was constantly probed and prodded while becoming shackled and restrained. In his early 20's she was taken away and institutionalized. During his journeys he noticed many asylums for the insane and visited thousands suffering from a similar disease and vowed that he would generate it his life's quest to help anyone that had been afflicted with mental disease. His ideas were to build the best establishment in the world. This individual travelled yet again to the United states of america as the was developing rapidly and had reached a population of 100 , 000, 000. Charles visited the 1st US institution established in Williamsburg, Va and made...



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