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Rocky Hill Chocolate Factory

Group members: Xue Han

Jingjing Li

Date: Sep. 22th 2013

Rocky Mountain Chocolates factory continues to be entertaining chocolate consumers canada since starting its primary store in Whistler town in 1988. Growing rapidly over time, we now host over fifty-five locations coast-to-coast. Step into a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Manufacturing plant and you'll acquire that 'kid in a candies store' feeling again. (apa)

There is an only one rocky mountain delicious chocolate retail shop in North Vancouver is usually 3155 Edgemont Blvd. That locates in the Edgemont community, which has lots of prosperous service and people living there. The owners on this shop are AI& Jan Keefe. It opens by 11am to 7pm during Monday to Sunday, and Friday times open until 9pm. 604-987-3611 is the amount to contact all of them. The shop provides sorts of product intended for selling, just like truffles, ice creams, and so forth Here are half a dozen external forces of rugged mountain chocolate retail store. Demographic

Youngsters are mainly the biggest consumer consumer bottom. Sweets pertaining to the children temptation is substantial, almost every child ever stands outside the candies shop and clamors with their parents to buy some desserts for them. You will discover too many people living not far from the delicious chocolate shop, it must attract a large number of children to consume here. Besides, sweets for women are also attractive. A UK study simply by research group Mintel revealed 91% of all women declare to eating chocolate. (apa) So , most men and lovers have to acquire chocolate to get gifts. Later on, the population are not much transform, so for least you will not regret reduce the sales trend. Socio-cultural

During Valentine's Day, will head out a wave of chocolates. Chocolate means love permanently, in the U. S only, more than 49 million pounds of delicious chocolate...



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