Cja354 R4 Antidrug Legislation Matrix

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Anti-Drug Legislation Matrix

Complete the matrix by opting for three declares to add beneath Federal. After that, answer every single question listed in the initial row for every corresponding law.

Is cannabis illegal?

Precisely what are the fees and penalties for own cocaine?

What are the charges for own heroin?

Exactly what the fees and penalties for own prescription drugs? Precisely what is the blood alcoholic beverages level for the driving when intoxicated (DWI) or driving while impaired (DUI) criminal offenses? Is there serious DWI or DUI? If so , what is the consequence?



Less than 28 grams is punishable by a fifth million in fines, and 20 years in prison. Below 100grams is definitely punishable by simply 1/5 mil in fees, and two decades in penitentiary. Schedule My spouse and i substance is known as a class N felony and punishable about 10 years in prison and $250, 000 in fines. 0. 08

Yes, a brilliant extreme DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE is zero. 20. No less than 45 times in prison and a $500 fine. California


It depends around the amount as well as the person's criminal background, but could be punishable about 3 years being a felony demand. If you get yourself a felony ask you for can get of sixteen months-3 years in penitentiary, and $20, 000 great. Misdemeanor, 6 months in imprisonment and aigu?.

0. 08

Yes, among 0. 15-0. 20

Punishable by harsh sentencing: More jail time, bigger court service fees, required classes, longer examen time, certificate restrictions. Az


Category 5 criminal offence charge and you could get up to eighteen months in prison in the event that convicted. Course 5 criminal offence punishable simply by 18 months in prison along with fees. Class 1 misdemeanor and can get six months time in jail and a $1, 1000 fine 0. 08

Certainly, 0. 15 or higher PARCHEMIN

1st time-$900 fine additionally other charges, suspended drivers license for the year, and interlock ignition device mounted in your car. Florida


3rd level felony, your five years in prison, 5 years copie, and a $5, 500 fine. initial degree crime, if over 10 grams you can receive up to 30 years in prison and a $10, 000 great. Misdemeanor, about 1 year in jail and a $5, 000 fine....



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