AP Universe History

Compare and Contrast China, Ancient rome, and Greece

The China, Greeks, and Romans of the Classical Age had a comparable foundation although each excelling at unique skills. China (500 BCE- six-hundred CE) manufactured significant advancements in materials, Confucianism, and architecture. The Greeks, in peak via 800-300 BCE, flourished in drama, beliefs, and structures. Rome (500 BCE to 476 CE), replaced Greece as the powerhouse from the Mediterranean. The Romans excelled in buildings, road development, and armed forces tactics.

Greece, Rome, and Cina all kept focus on structure, slavery, and expanding all their trade ways. Architecture organised great dominance in all 3 of these cultures. Rome made temples applying mathematic rules; these formulas were produced due to an advanced education program. China connected the Great Wall of China (still a highly regarded tourist fascination today) throughout the Han dynasty, preserving their very own livelihood from the Huns. Portugal used faith as an inspiration intended for the construction of temples along with many notorious art pieces. Each of these civilizations held slaves, but Ancient rome was the most effective supporter. You are able to that slaves were regarded property under Roman rules, and performed a large role in the economy. Economic system has been a focal point in any wonderful civilization. The italian capital, China, and Greece all benefitted by expanding their very own trade bases by water, as well as creating trade routes on land. As we take a look at past cultures, Greece and Rome may appear to slur together. Key differences arise between these cultures, just like government and religion. The Romans made their tradition from the Greeks, creating their own world primarily based off the overcome land. No centralized govt existed in Greece, although Rome experienced specific rules of carry out in both their disposition and republic governmental program. Greece kept a specific polytheistic religion as the Romans altered to Christianity in the middle of their very own reign. The...