1) History on the two Massachusetts and Virginia

a) The London, uk Virginia Organization founded Va in 1607.

i) Began with Jamestown.

b) Completed mostly simply by English aristocrats.

c) Learned tobacco, to become a monopoly.

d) Pilgrims founded Massachusetts in 1620 arriving on the Mayflower.

i) Pilgrims published the Mayflower Compact.

(1) Provided a democratic federal government based on the opinions of everybody.

e) Ma and Virginia were incredibly different in politics due to economic improvements and interpersonal status.

2) Details about Ma

a) Ma was satisfied by Pilgrims in 1620 and Puritans in 1629.

i) The two settlements combined in 1691 to form what is now referred to as Massachusetts.

b) The Pilgrims came to Massachusetts because they will became dissatisfied with the House of worship of England, and separated to come to start up a new pay out.

c) The Puritans reached Massachusetts also because as well wanted spiritual freedom.

i) Both Puritans and Pilgrims were very religious and relied within the Bible intended for decision making.

(1) Criminal laws in the seventeenth century were usually based on the Scriptures and typically the Old Testament.

d) The Puritans and Pilgrims equally came to American in relatives units

i) This produced closely-knit residential areas, which manufactured democracy less difficult.

e) Pilgrims had written the Mayflower Small, a document that was obviously a constitution that stated the belief that government can be described as covenant, and they needed the consent of everybody in order to consider the government genuine, a democracy.

f) The settlers of Massachusetts had been extremely good in their operate.

i) They created several shipping and repairing centers around the shoreline.

ii) They became good in fixing ships and selling timber.

g) All the factors, economy, social collection, and faith all played a difference in developing a democracy in Ma.

3) Specifics about Virginia

a) The Greater london Virginia Firm founded Va in 1607.

b) The company was generally aristocrats who had been looking for precious metal in America.

i) The aristocrats had not any survival expertise and depended on survival coming from John Smith.

ii) The journey was ill equipped and many initial settlers died from various diseases.

c) John Rolfe started the planting and harvesting of tobacco.

i) As a result, Jamestown was booming due to the sale of tobacco.

d) Huge plantations arose to be able to plant and harvest tobacco more efficiently.

e) Because of the will need of labor to herb and harvesting tobacco, the plantation owners needed a reliable source of labor.

i) The indentured maids proved to be as well rebellious with Bacon's Rebellion.

f) In that case in 1619, the House of Burgesses was made.

i) It absolutely was the first legislature of elected associates in America.

ii) The initially was to collection a minimum cost for cigarettes.

g) Funds would choose 2 representatives, or burgesses, to represent all of them in authorities.

4) Contrasting and contrasting the two groupe

a) Economically wise, both colonies were extremely distinct.

i) Va was a plantation form of economic system with huge amounts of money toward a small amount of people, the plantation owners.

ii) Massachusetts, nevertheless , was more self-sufficient, and did not transact as much as Va. Instead that they concentrated upon ship building and timber.

b) Politically sensible, the two colonies were also diverse.

i) Va hosted the home of Burgesses, which was a legislative body. The people elected representatives to symbolize their concepts in order to publish laws.

ii) Massachusetts was almost the precise opposite. The us government in Massachusetts was depending on the Mayflower Compact, authored by the Pilgrims. The Ma Bay Colony decided to make a democracy with town group meetings.

c) Additional difference is a basis of the laws between two groupe.

i) In Massachusetts, in whose settlers were widely religious, they centered their laws and regulations on the...

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