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Giulia Villanueva



Political Revolutions

1) Compare the causes of the French Innovation with the reasons behind Haitian Wave


During 1789, french Revolution occurred in France and 1791, the Haitian Trend in Haiti; the causes of equally revolutions had been similar and various. Both had been inspired simply by Enlightment ideas or thoughts and were driven intended for equality to be given to most citizens. On the other hand, inequality was essentially described by competition in Haiti while category defined the French. Also, french Revolution was sparked by a financial crisis and state while rumors of abolition of slavery started the Haitian Revolution.

Likeness 1

Motivated by Enlightment ideas or other revolutions.


One particular important Enlightment idea was from David Locke, that individuals had all-natural rights: your life, liberty, and property that made equally countries encouraged with this principle Jean-Jacques Rousseau stated that men were almost all equal creating the French to question the King as well as the slaves with their owners


The Enlightment suggestions questioned the political and social expert, which pass on globally. These enlightenment concepts were therefore strong inside the slaves plus the French which it forced these to fight for what they believe in. That they had to guard their independence because someone was currently taking it far from them

Likeness 2

Needed equality for every its persons


As the bourgeoisie prospered, France's peasants (80% of the population), the artisans, staff, and tiny shopkeepers, were suffering in the 1780s from economic depression brought on by poor bounty Haiti was influenced by the Petit Blancs (poor whites), who needed citizenship for any whites thus, making them question the social framework


Influenced by idea of every single men is definitely equal and realizing that equally countries was required to fight back to be able to establish these rights, they pursued to grant equal rights for every citizen Before the Trend, Haiti experienced enormous inequality: 500, 1000 slaves; 45, 000 white wines, and 35, 000 assistance de couleur libres (free blacks)

Difference 1

Inequality essentially was defined by race in Haiti while class described the French.


There was more slaves in whose rights were always less (500, 000) than the whites (40, 000) in Haiti In England, the First Estate (clergy) and the Second Estate (hereditary nobility) manipulated vast amount of wealth while the Third Property (everyone else except the bourgeoisie) acquired no this kind of rights.


Once Haiti was conquered by French, slavery was a large part that came along with these conquerors, for that reason inequality was going to can be found by contest since there is more slaves everyday to work on plantations for sugar production and coffee development France's classes inequality is a result of the fact which the clergy and nobility took advantage of having more wealth and taking into consideration themselves superior than the Third Estate

Difference 2

French Innovation was sparked by a financial meltdown and express while gossips of derogation of captivity sparked the Haitian Trend.


Throughout the 1700s the expenses of wars went France in to debt and inspired french Kings to attempt to introduce fresh taxes and financial In 1791, a chisme spread among the list of slaves of Haiti the king of France has abolished captivity


The introduction of new taxes has made an enormous problem associated with the distribution of wealth causing the low class to convey opposition Slaves wanted to end slavery since they thought they well deserved the right to always be free males just like the France


Therefore , what causes the French Trend and Haitian Revolution had been similar and various. The inspiration by the Enlightment ideas or prior Cycles like the The french language helped both of these countries drive themselves to win the rights that they deserved. Likewise, for the two, all people, no matter what school, must have equality. On the other hand, a difference included...



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