Computer Network Outline


A network topology that is generally within a line formation, which uses several products that are almost all connected to one common central cable called a tour bus and widely used for LAN's. Component Description

Usually a couple of or more desktop of mobile computing with a network interface cards. A common printing device is distributed by almost all desktops or notebook computers. The server method requests and delivers info to the consumer computers online or network. Advantages

The network is cheap to install.

It is easy to add new devices to the network.

The topology pays to for temporary of small networks. The network is less expensive to maintain.

If the key cable neglects the network will go straight down.

The network is slower than any other topologies.


A network topology in which products are linked in a diamond ring formation and usually used for LAN's. Component Information

This kind of network generally has a couple of or more computer's desktop of mobile computing with network interface credit cards. The printing device is distributed by other computers.

The storage space processes asks for and provides data towards the client personal computers over the internet of network. Advantages

This network can perform a lot better than the legend topology underneath heavier a lot. Larger networks can be developed on this kind of topology. This kind of network doesn't need a network server to manage the computer connectivity. Disadvantages

The network is fairly difficult to install.

The network is more pricey than other topologies.

Additions or changes of devices can affect the network. LEGEND TOPOLOGY

A Network topology where every single device is connected to a hub in a pattern that resembles a star, with a hub in the middle. The centre is a special type of oral appliance of components that will get data and routes this to the right destination....



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