Can There Become Only One Culture

Could Generally there Be Just one Culture?

Globalization is an idea which has propagate throughout the whole world for the past couple decades. Technological expansion has allowed the enlargement of globalization. Now in 2012, the idea has evolved into a fact that to which every business, government, and individual needs to adapt.

The english language is inarguably the global terminology. Ironically, it is not the largest voiced language, but it really is the most wide spread. 375 , 000, 000 people speak it like a first terminology, and 375 million understand English as a second language, and another 750 million people are learning this. The figure that sticks out the most, is that a third from the population is definitely exposed to it in one way or another. The phrase, " English is usually taking over the world, ” is definitely not an understatement. If British continues their expansion, then a world could be looking at a super-language. This would be a big step for the positive effect. The effects of this can only be believed.

To understand the potential of English overpowering, we must first see the magnitude of the growth and exactly how far they have reached. It is important to see the regions of society that affects one of the most. According to Henry Hitchings the author in the Language Battles: A History of Proper English, " In the twenty-first hundred years the world is starting to become more urban and more middle section class, plus the adoption of English is a symptom of this, for more and more English serves as the lingua franca of business and popular lifestyle. ”

Hitchings likewise points out that English is a dominant language in other areas of society including shipping, diplomacy, computing, medicine and education. Others may argue the extent of how dominant it is, but The english language is without a doubt extremely prominent in each of these areas.

In a study performed among the students of the Usa Arab Emirates, they said that, " Arabic is connected with tradition, home, religion, tradition, school, artistry and cultural sciences, ” whereas English language, " is usually symbolic of modernity, work,...



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