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UD Promoting Video to get Prospective Business Students

Made by:

Clairette Holman, Josephine McGrath, Megan O'Brien, and Candice Vermeulen

Background/ Overview:

The Business School in the University of Dallas is actually a Catholic company, which provides a well-rounded education in humanities and business, with the aim of growing the scholar's intellectual and moral virtues, as well as their particular skills both in the class and world of business. Known typically for our liberal artistry education, this video is definitely seeking to provide awareness to the College of Business plan offered at the University of Dallas by promoting it to benjamin and aged people in secondary school.

Desired goals:

Immediate desired goals include providing an fair portrayal of the College or university of Business that features the key features that separate us from other business applications. In addition we would like to reach the target audience through this video and to say about our strong liberal arts and ethic-based business education.

A significant objective is to redefine the online presence and the id of the organization program—to enhance the College or university of Dallas' unique Organization School approach and perspective to a global audience and also to increase the percentage of women in the commercial program in order to balance precisely men to women to 50/50 percent

Potential audience:

The target marketplace for UD's College of Business is actually a soon-to-graduate high school graduation student looking for a University that is certainly small , difficult, and ethical. Though the College or university of Based in dallas is a open-handed arts institution, the university's core as well as the College of Business prepares business pupils for the real world. They are questioned to get to know themselves better and get the " know how” and the " know why” – to be prepared to carry out good and ethical organization. College is a rare get and, consequently , prospective pupils do a large amount of research ahead of they make a conclusion. The target viewers for the faculty...