Important Analysis of Jorge J E Mil gracias "The Key of Sienfelds Humor"

Jorge J Elizabeth Gracia's work, " The Secret of Seinfeld's Humour: The importance of the Insignificant” is an effort to explore the sociological concepts of comedy and tragedy throughout the analysis of the successful well-liked cultural trend that is 'Seinfeld'. In an era where sexual intercourse, violence and special effects are becoming more visible forms of well-known entertainment (Gracia, 2000. ), how is actually a self proclaimed show that ''is regarding nothing'' (Gracia, 2000, p150. ) thus successful with audiences?

What is it that means success? How do we determine if something is successful? Obviously for a tv program, like Seinfeld, to succeed it requires to gain a great amount of appreciation from its audience in order to be a popular form of entertainment. The attempt is built to understand the reasons why a show is prosperous (Garcia, 2000) and better its methodologies and patterns so that they could possibly be recreated and reapplied to get future accomplishment.

What then, is definitely the formula seen in comedies including Seinfeld, which makes it work so well? Can it be it's ability to make all of us laugh? How and how come it produce us chuckle? Gracia features the belief that you should know comedies work so well at making us laugh is that they demonstrate " The value of the Insignificant. ”(Gracia, 2000, p. 149. )

These types of insignificant items become significant because they are behaviours from our lives that we may well often neglect or disregard (Gracia, 2000), but which are easily and universally recognisable characteristics of the everyday, no matter gender, competition and culture. The show points out things us we can empathise with due to discovering it take place or suffering from it inside our own lives which we often choose to disregard (Gracia, 2000). By adding these small idiosyncrasies displayed with the use of television set programming we are given the chance to view items from a sociological point of view. We are learning our own behavioural patterns by simply watching the characters on tv performing these kinds of...



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