Democratic Values- Dbq

Democratic values are the fundamental values that founded the United States and represent the core of America. During history, various reform movements sought to expand these types of strong beliefs that represent the unanimity among People in america through " life, liberty, and the quest for happiness. ” The magnification of these guidelines can be specifically seen through the time period of 1825-1850, in which much alter was starting to occur. When all of these reforms sought to expand the democratic ideals, only certain motions succeeded and presented the deserved freedom of legal rights to all. Moves involving faith, juvenile organizations, and could rights reinforced and extended upon these types of ideals while other factors such as temperance and utopianism failed to supply the true that means. Foremost, the 2nd Great Awakening, a religious rebirth, helped to expand democratic ideals simply by raising the criteria and probe of the prevalent man. Charles G. Finney believed that if people focused on religious beliefs and the church then " …the reformation and solution of sinners will follow, ” (Doc B). He declared it would as well lead to the conversion of several diverse people including " harlots, drunkards, and infidels, ” due to reforms inside the church. Together with the belief that goodness triggered salvation, various people in the communities were surrounded by great deeds pertaining to humanity. It offered a more uplifting watch upon your life where, " …the wealthy have many problems which we know nothing of; and that the poor, if they are nevertheless good, is quite happy, indeed…” (Doc E). Along with equality and goodness amongst others, the reforms of prisons and treatment of the emotionally ill were changing through Dorthea Dix. The benefits of these kinds of reforms wherever seen by " rescuing [the prisoners] from vice and manifestation them beneficial members of society, (Doc A). One other very important change was the beginning of the women's activity where they desired increased freedom " to file our directly to be while free as man is usually free, ” (Doc I). All of...



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