Destin Metal Products Co.

Problem Statement:

Destin Brass president Roland Guidry is involved with the competitive trends from the company products. He wonderful staff are involved that firm profits will be falling when it comes to these competitive problems. Evaluation:

Destin Instruments Company makes three products dealing with normal water purification devices: valves, pumps, and stream controllers. The business has been seeing several problems dealing with competition within some of the product markets they produce. Ronald Guidry had two standard questions they will wanted answered dealing with this situatio: 1 . For what reason was that so difficult to get the company to settle competitive inside the pump market? 2 . So why has the organization not viewed any competition in the stream controller market even with a newly released raise in their price to consumers? These questions turned on from Guidry when he realized that the company wasn't making the normal 35% major profit perimeter in pumping systems. This was the situation because the organization was forced to reduce the selling price in pumping systems away from the focus on price ($97. 10 to $81. 26) due to firm competition. Administration also realized the increased gross earnings margin of 42% in flow controllers even after having a recent doze. 5% increase in price. [pic]

The answer to the concerns raised by simply management is definitely directly associated with how the business is accounting for their over head relating to every single product. The corporation had been by using a traditional technique of allocating cost to do business. (Exhibit 2) This was a straightforward and inexpensive way for the company to accomplish this task. Yet , it really failed to accurately designate overhead to each product. Destin realized this and had it controller, Peggy Alford, design a revised way for allocating overhead. (Exhibit 3) This revised system didn't appear to answer any questions or perhaps alleviate any kind of problems that Destin was having. Activity Based Costing (ABC) was an additional possibility to allocate overhead and helps answer the concerns above. (Exhibit 4) Traditional Cost program:

The traditional expense system that was currently being used was obviously a fairly economical way for the business to set aside overhead price. This system utilized to generate a common unit price that was then used to produce a goal selling price based on the 35% profit margin set by the company. The structure accustomed to assign overhead to each product to arrive at a regular cost was a very improper method for the corporation to use. There are many of factors that this way was incorrect. First, the only way overhead is usually allocated using this system is by assigning cost to do business to development to each merchandise on the basis of production-run labor costs. [pic]

The table over shows how the overhead price was produced for use in the traditional cost system. Using this level it allocates $4. 39 of cost to do business for every $1. 00 of run labor used in the item which the labor was applied. This every unit overhead rate can now be added which has a material and direct labor per product cost. Adding these three cost up will give you the standard unit price for making each product. (Exhibit 2) This system basis all over head on labor and therefore can be not a extremely accurate method to distribute overhead cost to each product. Take for instance the flow controllers which have a labor using. 40 several hours per unit. Using the over head rate previously mentioned of 439%, overhead allocated to each flow controller can be $28. twelve. This only takes into account immediate labor and nothing else. This produces a problem because even though Movement Controllers consider. 40 several hours to produce they only employ. 20 hours of machine usage. Assess this machine usage to. 50 machine hours to produce each valve which uses. 25 labor hours and. 50 several hours to produce every single pump which will uses. 55 labor hours. This demonstrates that flow remotes are taking on more price then necessary when dealing with machine usage. This problem of over allocating overhead to certain items is also the case when coping with machine downgrading. Machine devaluation accounts for $270, 000...



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