Plate Tectonics - Brief Essay

Plate tectonics provide the perfect clues to where and what seismic hazard will occur? Discuss. It is at the boundaries in the planet's tectonic plates that a lot of of the world's major landforms occur and where earthquakes, volcanic and mountain building zones are located. The surface of the globe is made up of several large and many smaller rigid tectonic dishes which float on the semi-molton asthenosphere; the movement of such plates is definitely influenced by convection cells under the lithosphere, generated by heat in the center in the Earth. China can approach towardsor faraway from eachother or in seite an seite, the type of landform created at the plate limitations depends on the comparative movement in the plates as well as the type of menu, continental or perhaps oceanic. Due to the relatively low density of continental brown crust area it does not kitchen sink, however oceanic crust is denser and thus does sink into the layer when the two different types of dish converge at a destructive plate border.

As shown in the picture above, the denser oceanic crust of the Pacific Platter is forced underneath the continental Eurasian Dish at an angle to form a subduction area with a great associated deep sea trench. As the oceanic lithosphere descends, the pressure relaeased can also trigger major earthquakes. These earthquakes can happen in land or under the ocean; Tsunamis (such as Krakatoa 1883) caused by submarine earthquakes or simply by volcanic breakouts are most usual at destructive plate boundaries. Volcanoes may also be formed at a damaging plate boundary, for example in New Zealand where the Pacific Plate descends swiftly since it is pushed within the Indo-Austrailian Dish, this causes the crust to dissolve and accozzaglia to rise for the surface. New Zealand plus the Japanese Islands (shown in the diagram above) are both samples of Island archs, these are shaped when the edge of the less dense continental plate is pushed upwards by the subduction. Earthquakes are also particularily at common at accident plate...



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