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My own relationship together with the Dodgers is far more serious than most other associations in my life. In Sherman Alexie's essay " The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me personally, ” where he explains that whenever this individual has a setback in life, this individual refers back in his take pleasure in of studying books, just as, I count on my passion for the Dodgers. Alexie, who grew up on the Used Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington, illustrates his life as an Indian boy and just how his appreciate towards studying helped him succeed in his life. Alexie's passion to get reading started to be one of the most influential aspects of his life just as Dodgers football has become in mine. Similar determination, strength, life lessons, morals and values that Alexie claim's to have received from examining, are types I have in person gained by my knowledge as a Dodger fan.

In Alexie's story this individual explains how his interest for catalogs defined him as a person, while at the same time simultaneously lead to his defiance of the norm. Alexie states, " A smart American indian is a risky person, generally feared and ridiculed simply by Indians and non-Indians alike”(29). According to the creators experience his people not necessarily seen as smart as non-Indians, but rather they are " likely to be stupid”(29) because they are considered as inferior. The majority of Indian children accepted and followed their predetermined comes as American indian children who have " can remember how to sing some dozen powwow songs”(29), however " had trouble with simple reading in school”(29). Alexie wanted to be the foremost and this individual Banuelos two

accomplished that through examining. Even when he was looked straight down upon intended for excelling beyond daylight hours expected tradition he extended to take pleasure in his interest for reading. Alexie discovered to read through the Superman amusing which was the stepping natural stone to him finding audying hunger to defy criteria and become a successful writer: " I refused to fail. I had been smart. I used to be arrogant. I had been...



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