Domestic Violence


What is domestic physical violence? In this paper I will be telling you many

different forms of domestic assault. I will range from the physical misuse, sexual

abuse, mental abuse, spiritual abuse, economical abuse, cultural abuse, and

mental abuse. I will also illustrate the " cycle", young dating physical violence, and for what reason

women stay with a great abusive spouse.

Physical mistreatment takes various forms including hitting, striking, pulling curly hair,

sloshing, grabbing, gnawing at, kicking, breaking bones, bumps, burning, turning

biceps and triceps, throwing patients against walls and furniture, throwing objetc s and


weaponry. It also contains damaging home goods, eradicating pets, and denial of

human being needs, like sleep and nutrition. Assault can be of a life-threatening nature

causing broken bones, miscarriages and other serious injuries. A substantial

proportion of victims happen to be threatened or perhaps assaulted with weapons such as knives,

firearms and axes. Physical violence can result in killing and often contributes to

critical physical injury. The injuries are not always evident as abusers often

make sure the indications of their problems are concealed under garments. For many females

we have a real and constant risk of death because of the seriousness of the


Sex abuse in the home is home violence. Intercourse without

consent is definitely sexual attack. Sexual strike may or may not involve physical push.

Sexual abuse is definitely unwanted lovemaking contact. Lots of men still assume that they have

the right to unlimited sexual usage of their wives.

Verbal maltreatment consists of negative comments, insults and regular put-

lows. Lack of physical attractiveness, inferiority, inability to cope and be successful

on her own and being told that she is not a good mother/wife/housekeeper.

Over time this kind of constant humiliation will destroy a could belief in herself and

severely affetc

her self-esteem. The girl begins to take on the violent


like they are genuine and therefore can believe that she has worthless, that

the violence is definitely her problem. It must be taken into account that responsibility for the

violence lies solely with the perpetrator, not the victim. Threats are very prevalent

kind of verbal misuse, aimed at terrorizing the woman to such and extent that

the abuser is within total control. Threats by a man to kill women if the lady leaves him

are often reported by patients of domestic violence.

Psychological abuse tightly linked to verbal abuse, these kinds of behaviors are

aimed at terrorizing the victim and stripping her of her self-confidence. Actions

include destroying household/personal property intentionally

hurting/injuring/killing domestic pets, deprivation of necessary personal requirements

just like food, sleep, sanitary products etc

. The energy which they cave in order


manipulate and intimidate the other partner. A range of behavior is involved,

including verbal misuse intended to ruin the different persons self-esteem. For

example, a perpetrator's habit may lead to his partner to think she is

insane, foolish or worthless. The effetc

is often total, occurring on the


time frame with harming consequences for the mistreated person's impression of


Spiritual maltreatment describes the damage violence truly does to the soul of those

who have been abused. For some females this cannot be equated with

psychological or psychological abuse. Psychic violence is definitely deeper than an individuals

experience of betrayal: it entails the disgrace experienced once everyone inside the

community is aware of the violence, then when they too are implicated while victims

of the assault. Victimization might be based on race, color, or perhaps other forms of

identity with that community, and it provides the mistreatment suffered from a

good genocide or perhaps persecution.

Monetary abuse this kind of occurs...



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