Effect of Consumer Loyalty upon Fast Food Brand Retention


1 . zero Background of Research

2 . 1 Difficulty Statement

Depending on the examination from Euromonitor International (2010), the record indicated that consumer investing in food has grown over the years, by RM 32, 317. eight million (2005) to RM 44. 121. 5 million (2010).

In respect to Abdul Rehman Muhammad, Zia-ur-Rehman and Dr . Waheed Akhtar (n. d. ), creating commitment about any kind of brand and to retain buyers is an important and crucial element and factor that influence functionality of the business. Brand commitment is numerous key elements critical for managers so that they can enhance their customers' retention that in turn puts it is favorable impact on the overall earnings. Therefore , this research is to study what factors effecting consumer loyalty in fast food manufacturer retention.

2 . 2 Exploration Objective

Structured from the research problem, the objective of this study is to check out the effect of customer devotion on fast food brand preservation. The aims of this examine were to:

* Check out factor that effect customer loyalty upon fast food company retention. 2. Broaden the investigation by setting by incorporating different age group of customer commitment on fast food.

2 . 3 Research Problem

* Does brand effect customer loyalty on take out?

* What is the relation between the client loyalty and fast food company retention? 2. What is the factor that effect customer loyalty on fast food?

installment payments on your 4 Recommended Theoretical Construction

Kwek Choon Ling, Yeong Wai Mun and Hiew Mee Ling, (2011) suggested to broaden the research establishing by incorporating diverse age group of customers and pulling more participants from distinct regions in the area. This may enhance the validity and generalization of the research finding. Lastly, it is suggested to utilize possibility sampling technique to evaluate buyer loyalty in the foreseeable future research.

Grow older and salary level may be conducted in the studied variable for future research. As age and income level effect may be analyzed on customer dedication, as distinct income level groups may view value perception factor differently likewise different age groups loyalty level with cafe and motel can be several. (Fozia Malik, Sara Yaqoob and Abid Samih Aslam, 2012)

In accordance to Melanie Hammond (2012), fast food cafe use many different pricing strategies, but the most popular strategies they used contain value prices, penetration prices, customer costs and package pricing. Price play natural part to grab customers. If the selling price of meals is inexpensive but the quality of foodstuff is no, people is not going to buy it. It is not worthwhile for them.


Buyer loyalty feature:


Salary Level


Fast Food Brand Preservation

Figure 1 ) Proposed conceptual framework

installment payments on your 5 Exploration Hypothesis

5. Influence of customer commitment attribute in fast food company retention

Chaudhuri and Holbrook (2001) supported that trust will help to lessen uncertainty in consumers if they know that they can rely on their very own trusted brand.

Therefore , client loyalty attribute and junk food brand retention will be used

2 . six Significant with the Research


* Ling. K. C., Mun. Y. W., and Ling. H. Meters. (2011), Checking out factors that influence consumer loyalty amongst Generation Con for the fast food sector in Malaysia, African Journal of Business Management Vol. 5(12), pp. 4813-4823. 5.

2 . 0 Materials Review

installment payments on your 1 Literary works on the Setting of the Exploration

Fast food ensures that the food can be prepared and served quickly. However , the definition of is usually recently been used for food sold in restaurant which is prepared with precooked ingredients. Currently, fast food turns into first choice for people to eat because it is easier and quick. They will save their particular time. Edge and Berndt (2004: 32) states that customer commitment, the objective of CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT, is more than...



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