Effect of Population about Environment

The population on the planet is slowly increasing. While this happens, we need to consider great caution in making sure we avoid harm the surroundings. If we need not careful it could lead to disastrous effects for all of us and character. As towns grow much larger and larger the natural area around them has been turned into homes and office buildings. We have to set up even more parks inside cities to allow for the large amount of urbanization. These recreational areas help to embellish the city although helping to maintain our environment. Even as build these types of homes and cities we are using a lot more lumber and other natural helpful the complexes. We need to limit how much quarrying is allowed in one location and they should be replanted instead of left simple. If you have ever seen the aftermath of a scrape you would know how it is a scar to the globe. When we utilize the trees within a rainforest or any forest we need to replant for least a simlar amount of trees and shrubs that we got out of it. Parrots, squirrels, and other animals employ these forests to survive and gather meals. Without this kind of natural environment they will slowly begin to pass away off. Also alternative power sources should be researched and used even more heavily. Even as burn more and more fossil fuels were hurting the atmosphere and slowly burning off those useful resources. Understanding how to expand each of our uses of solar, wind, and hydro-electric energy will certainly greatly help save the environment. It may not seem like character is being injure any today. However , as time goes on we will certainly slowly start to see a fall of family pets and may even find some varieties go wiped out and if we all don't change the way all of us live we might soon outgrow nature very little.



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