Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

Very good people make horrible blunders. A lapse of view even for just couple of seconds can transform your life forever. Several Pounds is actually a movie about an intelligent, positive man whom made a life-altering problem. The main character, Tim Jones, had everything from an engineering job, a wonderful fiancé, for an ocean view dream residence. All of this was taken away from charlie in a matter of seconds because of Tim's blunder of text messaging while driving a car. His slip of judgment resulted in Bernard veering in to the other lane and colliding head-on into a van transporting six passengers. The accident caused several fatalities in total including the loss of life of his fiancé. Today Tim believes that it is his duty to sacrifice his organs and in many cases his your life for the favorable in helping others. The movie Seven Pounds is going to question a number of your beliefs on life, making you reevaluate what it means to sacrifice a thing, what it means to acquire happiness, and what is the real meaning of love. The motive of this movie is for people to learn a meaning lesson, that individuals should sacrifice something for all those people who really deserve that.

2 years prior to the key plot with the movie, Bernard Thomas was reading a text message although driving and caused a vehicle crash by which seven people died: 6 strangers and his fiancé. In a bid pertaining to redemption, Harry sets out to preserve the lives of seven good people. Tim begins by conserving was his brother Ben, in which he donated a lung lobe to. He later given part of his liver to a child providers worker called Holly. After helping the two of these people, Tim begins trying to find more prospects to receive via shawls by hoda. For this search, Tim is looking for people who are good human beings even though people not necessarily watching. He then finds George, a hockey coach who helps Hispanics on and off ice, and donates a kidney to him. Tim after that donates cuboid marrow to a young, harmless boy named Nicholas. Tim continues his search and desires three even more good, virtuous people. In...



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