Whenever we talk about hygiene, we are talking about civilized graphic that displays the civil face of the community or the magnitude of progress, we know that improvement and development need educational society. So , cleanliness is a learned tendencies learned because of education. В

while we all gain the hygiene patterns and learn it, then the education is the standard and the most practical way for this, they show how beautiful and natural overall look civilization and environmental development of the country, here comes the role of education in the development of environmental hygiene behavior. ЩЃШ§Щ„Щ†ШёШ§ЩЃШ© actions are one of the behaviors that must be emphasized to reach wealth. When the community clean ensures that we stay in a clean environment, and we care about sanitation, but we must strive to encourage this curiosity, and here highlights the function of relevant organizations in this theme to focus on the importance of environmental education in the development of behaviors and environmental, including care and that we discover just the tendencies of simple but quite simply is the habit if followed by every part of the community within a personal or public, this contributes to hygiene. These straightforward behaviors play a role in make cleanliness behavior daily, and daily behavior is generally followed is usually applied at home, street, community places and in all areas. В

Usage of cleaner full thing somewhat tricky nevertheless contrast insufficient hygiene resulting in health problems and environmental challenges sometimes does not have solutions, for instance , the process of using waste inside containers apart from that cause smelly particularly for individuals that experience allergies long-term, the burning process is harmful as well the ozone layer and which We all believe that environmental scientists haven’t reached a solution to this problem. Here, too, must focus on the failing to follow this sort of conduct damaging to society as well as the environment and which have an important impact in the end. To prevent such...



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