Ethics Paper

Santosh Tarmal Uma Mahesh

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Cohort-A (A-32)

Examination of Marketing Values

I would to focus on scenario some. Acme is a company involved with selling the commercial supplies. The organization provides the purchasing agents with gifts to be able to encourage more purchase. Acme's policy is the fact, bigger the order, bigger the surprise for purchasing agents. The products range from a pair of tickets to a sporty function to outboard motors and snow mobiles. This scenario includes light for the golden rule which declares, ‘Act along the way you would anticipate others to act towards you. ' This scenario is founded on framework of Duties of Justice which is based on the duty to spread rewards based upon merit. I believe the company can be behaving ethically. A company gives gifts to be able to retain customers. By retaining customers, the organization increases the sales and maximises the profits. So , the sole aim of providing items is to increase profits. So , a business policy of gifting the personnel depending on size of the order is acceptable, practical and ethical. A company cannot afford to provide away heavy gifts for any customer who may have made a little purchase, whether it does therefore , the company would lose out on profits. On the other hand, that cannot provide small gifts to the customers who have produced huge acquisitions. If both equally, the customers who have made enormous purchases, as well as the customer who has made little purchases will be treated the same way, the customer who have purchased big volumes might be let down as there is no value given to him for the bigger purchases produced. Such a client would no longer want to deal with the company. In the event the company delivers gifts to its consumers in accordance with the purchases built, nobody will be hurt and hence cannot be referred to as unethical.



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