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Salad is defined as - A dish of organic or cool cooked meals usually outfitted and expert, served as an appetizer or a side dish. The word " Salad” derives from your Roman word " Sal” meaning sodium which is usually added to many vegetables eaten raw.



Green salads Composed

Green saladsSide Salads

Simple Salads: This consists of a fundamental ingredient possibly raw or cooked although always offered cold with a dressing on a side. The basic ingredient can be a vegetable or meat or perhaps shellfish plus the range is extremely varied like French espresso beans, carrots, cauliflower, lentils, potatoes, ham, cool chicken, crab, prawns and so forth

Compound Salad: They are even more elaborate meals comprising of varied ingredients of contrasting but complimentary flavors, textures and colours. They can include spectacular ingredients as well as simple types. The associating dressing also need to blend while using flavour with the ingredients.

Aspect Salads – They are produced from fruits, vegetables, potatoes, cause, pastas, legumes and fruits.


That they consist of green leafy raw vegetables which are used for setting up a greens. The greens that are selected will certainly determine the character of the greens. Examples of greens greens will be various different types of lettuce, Endive, Chicory, Him, Watercress, Purslane, Arugula, lamb‘s lettuce, spinach, sorrel.

Member of the lettuce family is associated with green salads as they are mainly made from crispy green lettuce leaves. Most varieties of member of the lettuce family exude small amounts of a white milky liquefied when their leaves will be broken. This kind of " milk” gives lettuce its slightly bitter taste, and its technological name Lactuca sativa derived from the Latin word to get milk.


Today's lettuces and greens greens will be divided into around 4 groups. By merging lettuces within one category or by selecting from between two or more categories we can create different green salads. Greens Greens happen to be divided while –

Gentle Greens

Hot and spicy greens

Bitter Green

Prepared Mixes of Greens

Herbs & bouquets


Gentle lettuces could be grouped into 4 categories-

ICEBERG / HEADING – Crispheads have closely jam-packed leaves and a very gentle flavour. Crisphead or " iceberg" member of the lettuce family with dense, firm mind and crunchy leaves is the most important commercial type lettuce. Since lettuce is actually a cool-season plant, most iceberg lettuce is grown inside the cool coastal valleys of California. BUTTERHEAD – Loose rosette of soft, thick leaves possess a soft, sensitive texture and mild flavour, includes Boston, Kentucky Limestone and Bibb lettuce variety. Bibb or perhaps Butterhead lettuce was developed simply by Kentuckian Ruben J. Bibb and is typically served by Kentucky Derby breakfasts, creates a loose, soft head. The lining leaves offer an oily or buttery experience. Butterhead cultivars produce superior quality lettuce that matures somewhat earlier than crisp-head cultivars tend to be less tolerant of warm weather. `Big Boston', `Bibb', and `Butter Crunch', an All-American Selection, happen to be popular cultivars. Butterhead member of the lettuce family does best in Nebraska when ever started early indoors or perhaps in chilly frames and later set in your garden as transplants. LOOSE TEA LEAF – Available, deeply indented loose leaves have a delicate flavour and a reasonably soft texture; includes reddish colored and green leaf lettuce, oak leaf, and Lola Rosa. Baby varieties are often included in special salad combines. ROMAINE as well as COS – this lettuce grows being a long cylindrical head, with the leaves became a member of to a key at its basic. The outer leaves are greatly ribbed and often savoyed (crinkled). Leaves closer to the hub have a milder, satisfying flavour compared to the outer leaves. The inner...



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