Face-to-Face Is Way Better Than Computer Mediated

Riza De Asis

Jenn Kepka

WR 121: TR 1: 00 g. m.

June 11, 2013.

Face-to-Face is Way Greater than Computer-Mediated

Technology helps to make life incredibly easy before. The introduction of technology has had a considerable change to the way we live today. It is unquestionable that devices such as personal computers bring rewards to most people. This, nevertheless , makes people neglect the drawbacks of relying an excessive amount of on personal computers as the means of communication instead of speaking with people face-to-face. The effects of counting too much on computers will certainly negatively impact not only bodily and psychologically, but likewise environmentally upon society. Many of us today want to stay inactive and operate front of your computer watches. This problems our health. Spending too many several hours on a computer can cause an individual backache and dizziness from eye muscle pressure. I have noticed that wearing spectacles has become more prevalent in today's era. What was out to me was children aged for least about years old putting on spectacles. Because they get older, definitely, their vision will get even worse. In addition , as people choose to work in entrance of their computers, this attempts them by doing healthy and balanced activities just like exercise. This kind of happens not merely among teens but as well women today. Thanks to technology, household chores have become a fraction of the time consuming, with a negative impact on health. According to a research, in 1965 ladies spent typically 25. several hours every week cooking, washing and performing laundry; completely, that number reduced to 13. 3 hours per week (Archer). In short, fewer housework and even more technology means worse well being, a study says (Boyette). I am of opinion that face-to-face interaction can help us to do healthful activities such as talking to close friends while jogging or exercising in the park. Not only that, some people do not know that being active on the computer may cause a disease named carpel tunnel syndrome (CTS). According to a article for the Michigan Express University...

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